Lincoln Electric Lanthanated 1/16" tungsten electrodes

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  • These electrodes work best at medium to high amperage range

  • Works well on AC or DC applications

  • 10 tungsten electrodes per pack

  • 1/16" diameter electrodes

Additional information

Lincoln Electric's lanthanted tungsten has excellent arc starting, a low burnoff rate, good arc stability, and excellent re-ignition characteristics. Lanthanated electrodes are often used as a non radioactive substitute for Thoriated tungsten. For use with TIG capable welders, such as the Mig Pak 140MP, Mig Pak 180MP, Squre Wave TIG 200, and PowerMig 210MP.

  • TUNGSTEN - English OCT 10 FINAL


  • SDS EN 1-16 Lanthaniated Tungsten