Lincoln Electric Mig Pak 140MP Multi-Process welder

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  • Rated at 95A @ 60% duty cycle for MIG, 115A @ 60% duty cycle for TIG, and 80A @ 60% duty cycle for stick

  • Wide 30 to 140 amp output for wire fed welding allows for welding from 24 gauge to 5/16" material

  • Durable cast aluminum gear box delivers added torque and quiet operation

  • Spool gun ready for welding with aluminum (requires part # K4360-1)

  • TIG torch and foot amptrol ready (requires part # K1782-16 and K4361-1)

Additional information

This multi-process welder is lightweight, portable, connects to 120V input power, and is an excellent choice for MIG, stick, flux-cored, or TIG welding. The intuitive user interface, easy setup, and full list of accessories allows for welding in no time. The base unit allows for wire feed and stick welding, while TIG welding and spool gun welding is possible with optional accessories.

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