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Century, 6V & 12V, 15A Manual and automatic bench battery charger with 100 amp 12V start

015082549255 (UPC)



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  • Up to 100 amp 12V engine helps start stubborn motors.

  • Multiple voltage and amp settings possible.

  • Reverse connection and abnormal battery light indicator

  • Charging / charged indicator light

  • Charges automotive batteries in 2 to 4 hours.

Additional information

This industrial quality bench charger has a 100 amp, 12V start engine function, along with various automatic and manual charging modes from 2 amps to 15 amps in 6V or 12V modes. 12V automatic mode shuts off when battery is fully charged. Six-foot copper output cables included. Great for charging maintenance free, conventional wet, deep cycle, AGM, and gel batteries used in cars, trucks, farm equipment, RV, boats and commercial applications. 110V input power. MOTORAMA TRADE SHOW SPECIAL. LIMITED QUANTITIES.

  • K3153 1 sell sheet ENG