MIG wire, L56, ER70S-6, 0.030", 12.5 lb spool

772347003425 (UPC)



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  • Use with shielding gas during welding

  • Certified by CSB to CSA W48 B-G 49A 3C G6

  • Well suited for applications where accurate and consistent wire feed are necessary

  • Fits Mig Pak 140/180, Mig Pak 140MP, Weld Pak 140/180HD, and Easy Mig 140/180 machines with wire spool adapter

  • North American made

Additional information

Lincoln Electric SuperArc L-56, ER70S-6 MIG wire. 0.030" diameter, 12.5 lb spool. MicroGuard® Ultra surface treatment for superior feeding and arc enhancement agents for excellent arc stability. Copper coating provides superior arc starting characteristics, for long contact tip life. Great for maintenance, construction, automotive or general repairs.