Lincoln Electric Low Fume Flux Coated Brazing Rod, 1/8 " x 12", 1 LB tube

725636412248 (UPC)



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  • This welding rod works with steel, bronze, copper, and cast iron

  • Tins easily and has high strength and wear resistance

  • Low fume brazing welding rod used on various metals

  • Can be used to join galvanized sheets of duct work

  • 1/8" diameter, 12" length, 1 LB tube

Additional information

Lincoln Electric's low fume flux coated brazing rods is an alloy used to braze steel, steel alloys, copper, brass, bronze and cast iron. Sometimes used to join galvanized sheets of duct work. Used for repair work on steel and other copper, brass and bronze alloys. Excellent for brazing automobiles, pipes, tanks, etc.