Lincoln Electric Cutwelder Oxy-Acetylene Outfit (W/O tanks)

725636004962 (UPC)



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  • Comes with a rugged, washable bag

  • Brass torch handle includes built-in reverse flow check valves

  • Cutting attachment includes solid forged brass head, tail and stainless steel tubes

  • Regulators feature a rugged brass body

  • Gas cylinders are NOT included with this kit

Additional information

"The Lincoln Electric CUTWELDER® Oxy-Acetylene cutting, welding and brazing outfit contains all the quality equipment needed for cutting, welding and brazing in a rugged bag. The outfit is designed to work with one CGA 510 acetylene cylinder and one CGA 540 oxygen cylinder (Not included; must be purchased or rented separately). As supplied the outfit is capable of cutting 1” and welding to 1/16”. Can cut up to 4” and weld up to ½” with larger tips and larger tanks.

  • KH995 Cutwelder sales sheet